HeartOfZeus aint leaving

It’s early. The time is 04:12 in the morning, and I am writing to you from my apartment. There is a lot going on with this blog right now, and so sometimes it is here, and sometimes it is not. I am moving my sites over to a new server at SiteGround, and I am hoping to have all three of my websites up and running by the end of next weekend [July 7th]. Looking forward to it! I’m really fucking excited. I just want to get laid and make money, and this is the tipping point. Chris

4.20 @ SPARC

I am at SPARC, and I am really disappointed to say I just spend $63 on a half ounce of weed. Just a couple of days ago I was looking into the prospects of purchasing by the pound for $250 per. Ugh. It wasn’t a lit 420. Now there is ppl at my table. I’m gonna smoke a j. || Wow. What an evening, especially after the day I had. So I closed up my computer after a group of three people sat down to my same table at SPARC and starting talking to me just a little bit. I thought it was about to be a full on conversation I got into, but it really wasn’t all that much. So I sat and smoked the vape, sharing the Volcano with the 3-person group and then one phone-loner sitting next to me. […]

4.17-4.19 Happy Donuts

I never do fucking anything. I am eating a giant apple fritter [I think it’s giant, idk the average size of an apple fritter] and drinking a huge coffee. Check And Mate. The time is 18:05 and I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in North Beach. What I should be doing is writing a proposal to get this job I read about on Craigslist. It’s a paid gig: being the ambassador for a weed company. I would reply to emails, and go to events. It’s totally up my alley, I should really apply. I need to build up the confidence to write that email…or something. Am I just lazy? It doesn’t have to be anything long, I should just get it over with. I’m gonna talk to Casey about it maybe tho, and get to it in the AM. Some […]


It’s 4/20 bitches. Gettchasmokeon. That’s what imma do. Casey, Kalen, and myself, we’re going up to Delores Park for 16:20 today. Gonna be lit. Be there, or forever hold your squareness. Spark Twain

A Triumphant Return To North Beach! 04/13/19-04/17/19

San Francisco, I have returned! The clock on my computer is telling me the right time again! Woohoo! It’s 04:03, and I am writing to you from the 24 hour donut shop in North Beach, and there are a good amount of people in here right now; granted it’s Saturday. I arrived here at 10 yesterday morning, and I met Casey at the airport. We smoked a bowl out front and left on the BART by 11. By the time I dropped my bags off at his house, it was an hour before my flight would depart from China. I traveled back in time! I left Hong Kong at 13:10 on Friday, and arrived in San Francisco at 10:00 the same day. I had always heard people talk about experiencing that time-travel phenomenon during travel, but to have gone through it myself, […]


Today is an exciting day! I am on my way back to San Francisco! At the moment, I am writing to you from the Hong Kong International Airport. Very mountainous here. My flight doesn’t leave for like 4 hours, and in fact it isn’t even listed on the departures yet so idk what gate to sit at. I bought a blueberry muffin from this place called Pacific Coffee, which I am sitting across from. The muffin was 18 HKD [Hong Kong Dollars], or $2.29 USD. So not cheap, but not expensive. It’s not an amazing muffin, but it’s going to hold me over. I am still having stomach issues, and so I am thinking I won’t eat a ton before my flight. I read online that there is supposed to be a Popeye’s Chicken inside this airport, but I can’t find it. […]

The Saigoneer! 4/7/19-4/10/19

I am writing to you from L Cafe in Saigon. I believe there are two or three of these cafe’s right around here, and since I am unfamiliar with the streets I cannot tell you exactly where I am, but I can tell you it’s near the Bui Vien Walking Street. The last few days have been eventful! I have 20 pages of unedited writing, and what I really need to do is edit that writing, but I have so much to say! I haven’t written anything in two days, and I’ve been in Can Tho for that time. I brought my laptop, but I never found a good chance to pull it out. I may have written in the previous article that Will departed from Saigon and went to England for a little bit before he heads out to Australia for […]

March 29th – April 4th, Saigon.

Ca Fae Sua is the damn sugariest thing I’ve ever had; it’s so good. I’m back at ToGo coffee, still not writing about anything productive lol. Will has gone five hours north with the blue-haired Irish lady, and he told me she and him are going to Cambodia together too. That’d probably be good for Will’s health…I think…she did do some no2 balloons yesterday and passed out multiple times. Those balloons are crazy unhealthy. Will got it on video though, he showed me on his snapchat the girl passing out. He still fucked her [presumably] and is going north and then out of the country with her lol. She reminded me of Karleigh a little bit, except that she talked a lot about politics and had a big nose. Granted she could have just been rambling about politics because they were off […]

Days 4, 5, and 6 in Saigon: If: Will, Then: Way. Else: findwill

I am at an especially small cafe called The Note Coffee. The downstairs is where you order, and then you come upstairs and there are two small tables and a bar with six seats. From here I overlook Bui Vein street in Saigon. It is windy where I am sat, probably because the air is funneled through the tall buildings down the street. It feels good with the heat, but I’m worried about dust getting in my coffee. What can you do? I got the Vietnamese Egg coffee, and…holy shit is it hot. It was stupid of me to drink that. I just fucked my day up forreal. I took a sip of it and it’s so thick, and then it was like lava in my mouth and to reverse things would have been “making a scene” in small regards. I drank […]

Day 2 In Saigon; Real G’s Don’t Smoke

I need video. and sound. Let there be lights, and then let there be rock! I am listening to G Shit by T.I. and Jeezy. It’s not impossible to write while I listen, but it’s not easy lol. I do love rap music, and sometimes I wonder if it’s not good for my mental health. When I was in Da Nang I got to spit some freestyle rap and I realized how much I missed that shit. I could have been a profiting rapper if I had put my life to it; still could. Things are different now. I don’t even drink anymore. The song has stopped. I am not as pumped as I was ten seconds ago. There is a gentleman sat in front of me hunched over some papers, presumably doing math equations. I saw him run back to get […]