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I’m Very Sorry My Site Was Down

As you all may or may not know, I started this blog so I could get better at writing. Well, I got better. So it was that while I was in Vietnam in 2019, I adopted the moniker Spark Twain. I have probably written that already, alas, this website has been down for the past 3 months, and I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t gone anywhere, I am just working on some other projects at the moment. I am running many different blogs at this point, but not all of them are passion projects. Once I can support myself financially while writing full time, I intend to take Heart Of Zeus to the next level. I mean, let’s be real! This is where it all started! And when I went to India, I hasn’t yet grown to be Spark Twain. So, all I’m saying is, if you want the most up to date writing I offer, you have to go find my new blog [I’m sure you’ll figure it out. This website has a lot of spam coming to it, so much so I don’t want to type out my new website on here]. Also, I have well over 1000 pages of single-spaced writing that is not published, or edited. Again, once I can support myself through my writing, I intend to take the much needed time to go back and edit/publish those pieces of writing.

If you have been coming to Heart Of Zeus and not been able to access the site, I apologize; I’ve bitten off WAY more than I can chew. Nonetheless, Heart Of Zeus [this blog] is going nowhere. This website will be around…I’m pretty sure I can keep it around forever, which means far after I am dead. Yall just gotta bare with me through the hard times. I’m on some sort of long, strange journey, and I just want you all to know that your support and your readership is what propels me forward. So, fear not my disappearance, yet also, prepare for my evolution. In fact, you should prepare for yours too.

The future is coming on [it’s coming on].

– Chris

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Day 18, Morning

I am literally waiting for my website to load so I can post my writing from yesterday titled: Day 17 In Da Nang. Ferocity. I actually just made that title up right now, but I am going to move forward with it when the website loads, lol. Ferocity…it’s what I quest. To be ferocious about life in 2019 is to be exiled from the past. The future is here! I don’t know how much different shit is going to get, but I know it’s going to change fast, and everyday.

I was talking to this guy staying in my room at the hostel, Chris, and he is a nice, tall, lanky white guy from South Africa. For those of you that know Sacsha at the Green Tortoise in Seattle, this gentleman kind of reminds me of him…in a way. Carefree about life, but also very hardworking. I know Chris is in town to teach English, and he told me he works six days a week.

Last night I asked Chris, seemingly out of the blue, if he had ever owned any businesses. He told me yes, he had owned 2 businesses and been partnered in a restaurant. We talked for some time about his past in business, and then I whittled my t-shirt idea right there in the air in front of him. I think he liked it. He told me I had a good idea. He also told me to make a budget, and to work hard, and to never give up. I gathered that his father might have some money, but that also means his father could have taught him a few things. I listened to what Chris had to say and I took it all in. It’s interesting to meet the many individuals from across the globe that come to Da Nang, but Chris turned out to be especially cool.

There’s a tiny dog across the street taking a poop. That dog seems to enjoy pooping over there, I saw the dog do it alone last night…but now I see it these people working at the hostel that just leave the shit in the middle of the sidewalk! Ha! It’s crazy now that I’m really thinking about it. She just watched this dog take a shit on the sidewalk, and now she and the dog are walking back into the hostel. I almost step in that tiny shit everyday! I never put it together until just now that that shit is this tiny dog’s tiny shit! Wow…I am staying at the most savage hostel in the neighborhood. I respect, but I can’t say I would do the same.

The time is 07:44 in the morning here in Da Nang, and I am stizzoned like usual. I have been getting lifted everyday here and it’s…pretty lit, I can’t even lie about it. Da Nang is my favorite place I’ve been on this journey, and it’s pretty damn westernized where I am at [am I a wimpy traveler?]. I live by mostly western style restaurants. Like Factory 43 Coffee that I am probably going to go to in 20ish? minutes. That shit would not survive in Laos. Not even in the capitol city I don’t think. Vientiane was large, supporting a lot of people, and there was  Common Grounds coffee shop there which was really good, and really turned out to be one of the best cafe’s I’ve been to on this trip. 43 Factory is maybe the most modern place I have been though. It’s got to be only months old, it’s so damn clean in there. It’s in a less dense area of the city than downtown too.

I can get so much writing done in one day…I will have written a whole page in just a moment here, and I’ve been writing for about 45 minutes. Do I really like writing? If I do then I need to do it more often, but with more focus. I need to write about asmr! See I should post this article, then write some asmr content, and then I could even write a second post later. I could have that all accomplished by noon, forsure. Editing takes a while I guess, and with these post’s I’m just fucking rambling, but with the asmr content, my focus is more exact. I can’t lie, I actually did write my first piece of content yesterday: My Top 3 ASMR Videos To Wake Up To. Is that a good title? Too cheesy? I am trying to produce highly-edible, easily digestible content, that still carries weight as merit is there. I will produce a few more articles and then see what I think about posting them. I could post the content on hoz to see how it looks. I need a program that I can layout a blog post on. Right now I just use word and then the editor within WordPress. The WP editor is generic, I would say. Plus, I am just editing words. Like now.


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@TheLostWeekends, Bring It On Home

The hostel I work at has live music every Monday. There are 4 different acts, and on the 3rd Monday of every month at the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, you can find The Lost Weekends. All the bands that play here have their quirkiness about them, as they must to be found where I reside. I do especially enjoy The Lost Weekends. It’s the only Monday I note in my mental schedule (I should switch to paper or pixels tbh tho), and if you’re in the city you might as well stay here and see the free music. Not to mention there might be some free food.

Now I will take the time out to scold my new found friends, as I usually do. I couldn’t find you guys on Instagram, @The Lost Weekends! It is proven that Instagram advertisements lead to more connections made than Facebook advertisements. Also, 5 million more people use Instagram than Twitter (I don’t like that source, and tbh idek if it supports what I just said. fwm). So when I couldn’t find The Lost Weekends on Instagram I was at a loss. I hardly even use Facebook, except for messenger (I try, and I even have a HeartofZeus FB Page, Go LIKE!). A local group like The Lost Weekends could have an amazing Instagram; one worth following, where they put time into their social media and it is palpable. A page that is enticing to the goers of the Green Tortoise. Following an Instagram page is easy! Pictures can be enticing in so many sensible ways! However, Facebook is different. I would use Instagram to get the Facebook likes. Travelers of the Tortoise, young folks from India, Russia, and Australia, are not going to have a practical interest in keeping up with your show dates on Facebook. For instance: I was trying to get people to give The Lost Weekends a big ole LIKE on FB, but I realized how futile the act was, because these people will be going home in a few days, and The Lost Weekends is a local group. Instagram is a fucking game-changer. It can bring local groups to fame because of the effort they put in on this very large, yet simple and regimented platform. Hashtags are the organization of the future. Governments do no have their fingers dipping into the Hashtag world, it’s just basic humanity; us trying to keep our Giant Photo Journal organized.


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Una Colombiana Viajando; My Friend Camilla

I welcome you all to join me, as I embark upon my dream of traveling to Asia. I will be keeping you up to date with what I discover, and what I decide. First however, let me speak about a young lady from Columbia that I work with, and a YouTube personality. Una Colombiana Viajando is how you will get to know her, but I know her as Camilla. All of her videos are in Spanish, and I absolutely do not understand a lick of anything on her page. I do know she posts informative videos for Spanish speakers looking to travel. I have watched them, and I am impressed with both the aura of her videos, and her camera presence.

Camilla is a considerable friend of mine at this point, and I do hope that once we continue our travels, we will continue to stay in contact. I have spoken with her prior, but loosely forgotten at this point the next leg of her journey. Also it is of my interests, her area of virtuoso being the video format, which I have previously written about. I plan to venture into the format of video, hopefully soon. The writing of this article is doubling as a reminder for both Camilla and myself to work together, since we are both very busy individuals. Allow me to light the first candle of many, outlining our own collaborative quadrant; our virtual plot; this blazing bit of architecture zoned for ecommerce which we shall inhabit.
I’m tryna slide inna video. This post is the noteit warranting our next meeting.
Don’t worry, I confuse even native English speakers.

Right now I am sitting in the kitchen at the Bartol house, and the lady herself is actually expected to show up any minute, as she is responsible some days for the housekeeping at this location. A rather nice job, if I do say so myself (I have never done it, but I know what it consists of). I am drinking coffee, and eating a muffin that a guest left here. My next task was to be further research about SE Asia, possibly creating a second work away profile. However now it is getting late, and I hope to begin work at noon today. I will work until 5:30pm and that will be sufficient for the day; tomarrow I hope to work longer. The Green Tortoise, after 7 months of employment between both locations, has given me some expressive freedom in my hours, and I do appreciate that. This gives me the chance to, for instance, publish this article. However I still need to budget my time better and get more done. I need to be an extraordinary machine.
I live next to a playground full of kids, and they are just so lively and happy. It’s honestly too beautiful. Keeps my reminded of the good things in life. They are just running around listening to music out there. I must just be hearing gym class after gym class. I’m smiling about it. Maybe the coffee is just kicking in; I’m kind of tweaked by default.

I will wrap this up by telling of what I learned yesterday. It is cheaper to fly to Cambodia from SF than from Milwaukee, which is something I will now hope to work around. I realized as I did even the minimal amount of research I did yesterday, that I want to start making some moves now. Honestly I could probably wait another couple of months to proceed with my contacting of individuals, but sooner is always better, right? So I will be updating you on the moves I take next. More than likely creating a new Workaway that isn’t shared with my exgf, and hopefully all together spending more time awake. I need to get a second job, and with the blog it’s going to be a tough route. I am a lazy individual by nature. However I want more, so I must work harder. It’s practically basic math.


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Good Morning!

Another Life

It is nearly the end of January, and what a rollercoaster of a month it has been for me. It began with me in Oakland, which had been perpetual for the previous 2 months. I now reside within the 49 square miles of city, and my home is the Green Tortoise Hostel (as you may be getting to know), and I am

Me in Eugene

quite happy to be here. I arrived in the Bay area on Halloween morning. For four months previous I had been trade-working at the Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle (they have an indoor cannabis/tobacco lounge, only one in the city to my knowledge), which was a very unique place to live, and this was first time I lived outside of my home city. I lived with a woman while in Seattle; someday I will tell you a long, exciting story about a time I fell in love, but today is not for that story, and so I will leave it at that. Fast-forward 4 months from my arrival in Seattle, to my arriving in San Francisco; I am arriving in San Francisco on a Green Tortoise Bus, piloted by my now friend, Paige. Since my arrival in the Bay, I have been introduced to a variety of new stigma, all beautiful in their own regard. I kissed a women I know I could love. I loved a women I didn’t know I could kiss.

If I could put how I’ve been feeling into a glass jar, it would be too hot to touch.

Most positively, I have been writing more, and I feel great about it. If you are reading this, I am very glad you have chosen to imbibe in HeartofZeus. I am excited for life to whisk me away; and be well documented. My daydreams have a pragmatic sandman, and my nightmares are orchestrated by Poe. I do not fear the reaper, and the reaper doesn’t fear me. I am not alone. This is all true, and I am glad I am finding time to express it. The stories I will tell on this site are numerous, and at current I only hope to not diminishing their flame, speaking of them as such. I thank my readers, again.


I lost several friends in 2017, as every year has brought about more casualties. Some souls stray farther from the exosphere than others. It is at this time I would like to say Rest in Peace to John McClment, a dear friend of mine, and very much a part of my online life. His Good Morning posts pulled me through some hard times, and I am not even sure if he was aware. Waking up alone, feeling disgraced by life, John always had his Good Morning status along with a plethora of top quality memes to browse through; my exact humor. I felt comforted by partaking in his day…he helped me feel. The future is certainly a unique and vast landscape. We live on a planet where reality is being subjected to confinement by virtual-reality. John McCliment impacted me through his online presence, for sure more than many of the people I saw daily in the flesh. I went to high school with this man. I took mathematics with this man. I remember when he told me he was joining the Army. I remember when he posted a status he was going to try and stop drinking; those two moments were long apart. The saddest thing you will ever read is the last post of Eat Letters Shit Words. These will not be the last words I spill dramatically over John McCliment; he is an important staple of Menomonee Falls, and of the Facebook community. If it’s fifteen minutes to midnight in Alaska been dark for 3 weeks, and you run into the ghost of John McCliment, you say Good Morning god dammit.

I also lost my Grandmother this year. Peace and Love to her. It will take the rest of my life to find out if anyone has impacted me more than my grandmother.


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Blurb #5


Breakfast is in full swing at the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco this morning! I entered the ballroom prior to my shower this morning in search of free soap, and was greeted by a lady I am growing quite fond of: Lan Ping. A lady my elder, hailing from Guangdong, China, Lan Ping is Brawn of Housekeeping here at the hostel (I have generated that title because she works very hard). Recently, she taught me to replicate her work, and someday I will apply the knowledge she has bestowed unto me kinetically, manifesting my entrepreneurial destiny. I feel quite on track to make a living with hostels, and I will be holding the makers of my beds to the LP Standard.

Another coworker I see oft in the morning, a man of enticing conversation; Egidio. This is the gentleman responsible for maintaining the kitchen at the hostel. The guests remember Egidio; if I say I work at the hostel they always say…
“Oh, so you work with Egidio? I am a friend of Egidio.”

F.o.G. is a term that some inhabitants of the Green Tortoise environment may know; standing for Friend of Gardner. Now we also have the term (although a much more aggressive acronym) F.o.E. Which I am sure you can by now guess stands for Friend of Egidio. Fogs and Foes are common place around the Hostel. That is not to say there is no validity in their assertions of association, and we much appreciate the returning guest, but I see these folks very simply as friends of the Tortoise. I am building a mature understand of how people communicate and interact at the Green Tortoise. I am proud to be part of the human race, and am excited to be human until I die.

I digress…my friend Egidio would understand the feeling. Also, allow me not to ramble. I simply wanted to mention two individuals I work with, both from which I am learning an immense amount. I was not aware this life is what awaited me, leaving my hometown. Seven months ago that was. Thank you Lan Ping, and thank you Egidio, for making me feel at home in San Francisco.


Friends of Zeus Rambling Zeus

Strehlow; ThyWanderer; Shxde

I write to you from the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, in the ballroom I sit, eating scones that I saved from last night. Free bakery flows through the hostel; the bread of life. Pondering my own future recently, I have begun to consider the sondering effects of those I know personally (I just found out Sonder is not an actual word, so I suppose I can do whatever tf I want with it). So allow me now to speak on a couple folks that I know, all from the same few square miles.

Firstly I will speak on a young man named Cristian, who is known quite well as Strehlow. Well-warranted in his accomplishments, Stehlow is an electronic musician, and the most success barring individual on this list. One day I will tell you a long story, of a 6 month period when I lived in Riverwest, a neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That story will end by telling you my friend Cristian moved into my house; the gentleman I speak about. Today is not that story. Today is the story of a wedding DJ, who rented a house in Riverwest and went h.a.m. making music. Today is the story of a man, a friend of mine, who’s Spotify boasted 356k plays in 2017. The current year will bring him even greater success. Check out, the label he works with, for a variety of great music! (Many of the artists on the label I know quite personally). Strehlow, I thank you greatly for your contribution to music, as it truly is a unique sound you possess. Check out his latest release!

Not a musician, at least by trade, Ryan DeWerth is a photographer, owner of, and young man I know very well. His photography is phenomenal. Deserving of prestige. ThyWanderer photography sits atop this article. His editing skills are a fine-tuned mechanism for prolific beauty. Every photograph is Ryan’s best one. Time is a friend of a friend here, and in a world where many people work seamlessly, seemingly, to make time their enemy, I believe the aforementioned is an important point to mention. One visit to ThyWanderer, and it is quite apparent the amount of hours my friend puts into his craft. Ryan also works with a group called King’s Tower Productions, run by an eskimo brother of mine (sorry to put you on blast, but I just tell the stories). KTP creates independent films, and although I am quite unfamiliar with: The Wayward Sun, as well as their newest production Batman vs Jesus, I am familiar with The Amateur Monster Movie; a comical film parodying famous horror films. One worth seeing twice. I highly encourage you to check out all of the above listed films! Head over to for more information.


Lastly, I will speak about my friend Josh, steering us back toward electronic music. A massively talented individual, a father, and like any gentleman on the verge of success, an asshole; Shxde is music with oomph. Shxde is a name I like quite a lot. I haven’t even asked him how it’s pronounced, but I am assuming it’s not Sade (low-key, this article is about smooth operators). Josh is a man I have known for many, many years. Certainly the gentleman on this list I know most well. Many hours did we spend in my grandparents’ basement finagling with musical instruments, finding our rhythm within those concrete walls. The residual ripple of youth resonating still today. An interesting individual Josh is, and an artist of many mediums. Shxde is not his first successful undertaking as an electronic musician. Let that be known, and let it hold weight as 2018 blesses him with victory after victory. Josh has always supported me in whatever I do. I am truly ecstatic to tell you of my friend who makes lavish vibrations; Shxde is music for the soul. Rich and interesting music for every soul.