San Antonio to: Seattle

The vast journey began on June 14th when I ended up in Austin Texas. A pleasant city and one I would travel to again, despite the price of downtown luxury. Austin is an epicenter for Texas, gathering up young entrepreneurs and turning them into fine southern capitalists. I have heard good and better things about the Texas public education system, and I have great faith in it. The businesses in Austin proper do not offer you plastic bags when you purchase items. The lack of warning on this subject can become quite infuriating at a cash register, so consider yourself warned. Honestly, Austin isn’t enough though. Our plastic and garbage problem is massive, and eventually everybody will need to be doing their own part, or else. While in the wonderful city of Austin, I took to the river on a kayak with […]

A Dissection of HeartOfZeus Philosophies

Time rears its ugly head in the form of any light occupied field of vision stretching an incomprehensible distance no matter which direction one points. On Earth one defeats the principle by pointing down, but really it’s only the first 7917.5 miles that are subject to debate. Being born and then dying in a world fabricated of quicksand, never knowing there is any other way of life. We gift this slow progression of humanity to our children, so they may continue the process. Utilizing time the only way we know how, chipping away at the veil of mystery masking the enigma we call home, humanity has brought itself a mental comfort in occupying the universe. We are the only ones here, as far as we know, and we either learn to live with that fact, or fabricate a reality suited to our […]