Day 23 In Da Nang…The Final Morning

For the final time I am writing to you from Factory 43 Coffee. The time is 09:10 and I am sitting right under the air conditioner in the upstairs of the building. I am a little cold. Soon will arrive a cappuccino and a croissant that I ordered. If I am not mistaken this is the first time I have tried the cappuccino here. I almost got a brownie, but I am sure there will be plenty of brownies in Saigon; I arrive at 05:00 in the morning tomorrow. This guy I met in Ha Noi, did I tell you about Will? Well he is trying to come to Saigon too. We discussed many different plans last night, but I think I am just going to make him come to the train station with me, and hopefully there is a ticket available […]

The Switchup

I often find myself wondering what I should do next, and today is none different. Dare I say I am thinking of bending my plans to the graces of someone else? It is certainly possible. Patience must be applied. I met this girl last night, and she’s still asleep, but I want to hangout with her again, and there inlies the problem: We’re going to be in two different cities. I did manage to find a hostel bed in Hoi An for 130k, but I just don’t know if this is where I want to stay tonight! Right now the plan is to return to Da Nang about 17:30 and then move right back into the hostel I was at for 20 days. The difference is that this time, my plan is to catch the train to Saigon the following day. But […]

A Hot Day In Hoi An

Today is a hot day in Hoi An. Have you ever been here? Vietnam is so nice, and this is a rather cool little city, with a surprisingly wry nightlife scene. I ordered my first, second, and third nitrous gas balloon last night after this girl Steph showed me what it was all about. I guess it’s legal here, and in fact I have heard of these balloons before, but this was the most opportune time I have had to try it out. As soon as I did it I was like “Oh. Whippits.” Back in America that is called a whip-it, pretty much anytime you’re getting down with that stuff, and I guess I never knew it was n02. It was pleasant. I got a little high for a second and then it faded. What’s more impressive than that? I also […]

Day 19 in Da Nang. Poof.

I have made a spreadsheet of information relating to asmr, and I have reorganized all the files in my Google drive and on my computer. I still have not made a proper plan for going to Hoi An, but I might leave this afternoon still.I have everything I need at my hostel, I just jump in a cab and go! But idk. I feel rooted to Da Nang at the moment, so who knows. I could just fucking fly to hcmc if I wanted, and strictly dominate the two cities [I’ve visited]. The espresso this morning was good. I forgot to order a double shot…but it seemed the same nonetheless. After I finish this I will return to my hostel and likely pack my things together, and then I will probably sit around avoiding a decision for a while before I finally […]

Day 18, Morning

I am literally waiting for my website to load so I can post my writing from yesterday titled: Day 17 In Da Nang. Ferocity. I actually just made that title up right now, but I am going to move forward with it when the website loads, lol. Ferocity…it’s what I quest. To be ferocious about life in 2019 is to be exiled from the past. The future is here! I don’t know how much different shit is going to get, but I know it’s going to change fast, and everyday. I was talking to this guy staying in my room at the hostel, Chris, and he is a nice, tall, lanky white guy from South Africa. For those of you that know Sacsha at the Green Tortoise in Seattle, this gentleman kind of reminds me of him…in a way. Carefree about life, […]

Day 17 In Da Nang. Ferocity.

I just got my Burundi Espresso at 43 Factory Coffee, and either I just love espresso, or I love this Burundi espresso. I haven’t drank very much espresso in my life. Damn this place is nice, and even the outfits they wear are hella flattering. The girl at the counter gave me 15% off on my espresso this time and I feel real good about it. This is the second time I’ve come here today, but damn it’s just so good I can’t stay away! Okay…it’s not like that good, but the atmosphere is nice, and they have air conditioning, which is the victory maker. Don’t tell anyone but I brought Oreo’s with me today…and I plan to eat them at this coffee shop! Should be interesting. I don’t know if I am allowed to eat other food in here. In most […]

Day 16 in Da Nang. A Fresh Look.

Today, I am just going to open a word document and let whatever fly. I am messaging Kalen at this very moment. It looks like he keep deleting what he’s saying and starting over. We shall see how long the message is. It’s a hot day. My coconut iced coffee just arrived. It is pretty good. I just found out my friend Casey switched jobs. He always bogging down on life, when he should be speeding up! Oh well. He’s still working. I have a weird thing going on with my eye today. Kind of like seeing sun spots…but more psychedelic than that. Man, talking to Kalen I’m super excited to be back in sf. The possibilities I have are endless. I’ve come to realize how great a life could be here in Vietnam, especially in Da Nang. I just want something […]

Day 15. Two Weeks in Da Nang!

Yet another day in Da Nang! I really like it with the exclamation point. It was something I came up with upon my arrival and I still like it. I was so giddy when I first arrived to this city; the first few days were beautiful, containing majestic adventures. From forward things became plain-jane, but I wasn’t arguing with the lifestyle. Now I am officially exhausted. I chart course to move on from Da Nang soon, possibly tomorrow. From here I will go to Hoi An, and I am excited to do so. After that I am not sure what my move will be. I heard about this music festival in Hanoi, and honestly I’d love to go, but that is far more traveling then I planned to do. I really feel like I should venture to northern Vietnam, but I am […]

Day 14, I’m still here

It’s March 14, and that’s basically my 14th day in Da Nang. I arrived February 28th at about 4:30 in the afternoon, and have been basically chilling in the same place the last two weeks. It has been refreshing. At first I was in love with the place; the beach, travelers, locals, and just a general sense of activity here in Da Nang, especially as I am staying in a very touristic district. My hostel is only 5 blocks from the beach. A new idea has budded in my brain, and I have been very excited about the prospect. Yet, as I sit here, I wonder if I am doing the right thing. This is a reoccurring feature of my life. Always wondering if I am doing the right thing. I was thinking about writing a blog about asmr, but the more […]

Days 6, 7, and 8!

There are many things I can do with my afternoon. Today, I went out to lunch twice, the second time the result of a brownie blunder. Now I am sitting at the hostel bar eating bananas. Life is good. The only question I can’t seem to answer is: What’s Next? The English teaching demo turned out to just be an interview. I was disappointed in that, but also quite relieved. Sitting here now, I can’t even imagine a universe in which I taught that class. On the real of things, I am a little bit too nervous to be a teacher, I think, at least for young kids. First of all, I talk (and talked [during the interview]) too fast. It’s not the most impressive gig I could imagine, at only 1.5 hours per week, but if she calls me back about […]