Day 5-Day 6 in Da Nang, Vietnam. The first Vietnamese ramble.

There are many things I can do with my afternoon. Today, I went out to lunch twice, the second time the result of a brownie blunder. Now I am sitting at the hostel bar eating bananas. Life is good. The only question I can’t seem to answer is: What’s Next? The English teaching demo turned out to just be an interview. I was disappointed in that, but also quite relieved. Sitting here now, I can’t even imagine a universe in which I taught that class. On the real of things, I am a little bit too nervous to be a teacher, I think, at least for young kids. First of all, I talk (and talked [during the interview]) too fast. It’s not the most impressive gig I could imagine, at only 1.5 hours per week, but if she calls me back about […]

New Fame LLC Concert, Da Nang day 4

This is the greatest town I have been to in my entire life. Who woulda thunk I’d travel almost all the way around the world and end up having the best time of my life in Vietnam! I seriously never could have guessed that life would take this unexpected turn. I’m in the part of the city called My An, and although I think the whole city is lit, this neighborhood is where it’s at. In all seriousness I wouldn’t be surprised if this neighborhood becomes some epicenter of a renaissance movement, I am that impressed with the attitudes of these local folks. Last night I attended a hip-hop show, and one of the reasons I attended (because normally I just sit at home) was because they were having a freestyle rap cipher before the show, and if you know me then […]

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of my life. I feel it deep in my soul that I am doing the right thing with my life by being out here and traveling Asia. I’ve felt it for awhile, but Da Nang has amplified my receptors to the reality that we only live once. Today I went to the beach, and that was fun. I have been chilling with this guy Sinan, and it turns out he’s a pretty cool dude. At first I was unsure, as I am usually unlikely to team up with an outgoing person such as Sinan, but in the end it turns out I am very happy to have met him. Many of my interactions begin as an exchanging of numbers, but not very often do people actually convince me to leave my shell. Ha! […]

Day 3 in Da Nang (43 Coffee Factory)

I am at 43 Coffee Roastery. Whew! Big day already. I awoke and brushed my teeth, and then I hoofed it over to the Banh Mi sandwich shop I have been frequenting. I ate an egg sandwich and met a nice gentleman from South Carolina and a lady from China, the western side. The lady approached me first and asked if I was Jewish, citing that I have a large beard. This is far from a new thing for me, and I am quite honored to be considered among the beard elite. After she was chatting me up (in pretty good English) for a minute, I turned around to find a older gentleman from the good ole USA standing right behind me; NFL hat and all. I talked to him for a bit, and he told me about his travels in China, […]

Day 2 in Danang (43 Coffee, and H Coffee)

It is my second day full day in Vietnam, and I am writing to you from H-Coffee in the My An district of Da Nang. Dare I say I will spend all of my time in this one little area of the city? I seriously love it, and I am certain I could spend a significant amount of time here, the only question that remains is: when should I be purchasing a plane ticket for, because then I am forreal locked into staying. Right now the cheapest ticket is for May 17th, and honestly everything before that date has risen significantly. I was excited to get home, and now I feel like ‘who wouldn’t want to spend three months living at the beach?’ I am falling into a routine. I wake up at my hostel, and I walk to get a Banh […]

In The Zone

Today was a dope day. I arrived in Da Nang, Vietnam yesterday, and I am feeling hella good. I can’t even lie about it. Vietnam is pretty oh my god the roof on my hostel just retracted  cool. That’s literally what happened in real time, but it’s also an accurate description of how cool Vietnam is. I wonder how difficult it would be to learn Vietnamese. Probably viciously hard for me, but they use the same alphabet. The letters just sound different. On a different type of thing, I am considering teaching English here, but I suppose it starts with looking around about a job. I am being told that teaching English will be easy for me, and so I am tempted to give it a shot. I will certainly update if that come to fruition. Otherwise I’ll be buying a plane […]

The Iditarod Life

I am writing to you from Sinouk Cafe, and let me tell you it is not as good as Common Grounds. So if you find yourself in Vientiane, Laos, you are welcome to try out both places, but I think you’ll find Common Grounds to be the best cafe in the city, both in quality and bang-for-your-buck. Jo is sitting across from me looking up information on teaching English in Vietnam, as that is our next move. I have a real good feeling about it! Not so long ago…I quit drinking alcohol, and I told myself it would be worth it because if I didn’t drink I would certainly find success. So far, that has not come to fruition (I know what I like, and numbness is one of those things). Sure, I am able to travel and explore the world, which […]

It’s short, but she still likes it!

I didn’t have a great morning yesterday, and I dare say today feels like it could start the same way. Bu Hao! I cannot accept this. First of all, I love the morning. It is by far my favorite thing to wake up early, and get straight to writing, or walking, maybe listening to music…I just enjoy the morning time. So when I am having a bad morning, or string of mornings, it really puts a damper on my overall mood. I just fucks things up. I get real picky about certain things, and it just gets worse from there. I’ve found that giving up my main ideas and goals for the day is the only hope. I began yesterday by looking for work,  but soon began to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and I knew there was no sense in carrying on. […]

Coffee Inn, in Vang Vieng. Plus Andy.

I am writing to you from Luang Prabang Bakery…in Vang Vieng. It doesn’t do that name justice! The coffee in Luang Prabang was quality. Okay, so it wasn’t quality everywhere…or even most places, but I spent a lot of time at Saffron Coffee and the coffee was just incredible. They do all the basics (Cappuccino, Americano, Latte…), but you can also order a French Press, or even a siphon made cup-a-joe! There’s a great article about Lao Coffee here. It is fairly surprising to me, but NesCafe is available everywhere here. I mean it’s literally on the menu board behind me right now, and it costs like $1.20 or something. I find it insulting that anyone would serve that stuff, but you can’t deny people when they find a good way to get to that money. Recently I have been in contact […]

Coffee in Luang Prabang, written from Mekong Coffee House.

I am in Laos, and I am feeling pessimistic today. I ordered a cappuccino and the thing is practically all milk. You know, I wouldn’t know the difference between a good Cap and a bad Cap before I left America, but now I feel like I can certainly make the identification. So here’s the rundown for Luang Prabang: Saffron Coffee has the best cappuccino, and probably the best coffee as well. Also, a lot of the proceeds go back to the coffee farmers, which is nice. I read online that Mekong Coffee has good WiFi, and so I came here to stream the Superbowl as it is February 3rd, but my stupid VPN isn’t able to trick CBS and so they won’t let me stream the game because I’m outside of the United States. Fuck You, CBS. Anyway…this Cappuccino sucks. I ordered […]